And how are things in Copenhagen?

I am having a good time here in Copenhagen. In the previous three months, I have been doing a research internship at the DTU, as part of my combined master program Biomedical Engineering & Applied Physics. I have spent a lot of time with my Italian colleagues and also with family and friends who visited me. In this way I have explored Copenhagen and its night life very well!

The research group, where I am doing my internship, has a lot of international employees. I am in a room with three master students, which are all Italian. So I didn’t learn much Danish here, besides, all the Danes I have met here speak English very well. My internship was about the development of a centrifugal microfluidic discs to monitor the drug release from drug delivery microcontainers. My project was very interesting and versatile. I did the design, fabrication and testing of the discs. Like we have on Thursday, they have a drink here every Friday. One of the highlights was the ‘’Julefrokost’’ (Christmas lunch), a celebration, where they serve traditional Danish food, and a lot of Schnapps are consumed.

The first part of my stay, I lived in Nørrebro in Copenhagen and I was biking to the DTU every day.  The conditions for biking are very good here, however it took me some time to get used to biking here, because they bike much faster here. The public transport is also good here, I would recommend to buy a Rejsekort, if you stay here for a longer time. Now I am living in a student accommodation in Naerum, a few kilometers north of the DTU. The village has not much to offer, but it is close to a nice park. It is difficult to find a room here, I would recommend to connect to as many Facebook groups.

I learned a lot during my stay and I had a very good time here, which I will never forget! I would like to come back here once in the summer!

Recommendations in and around Copenhagen:
-Frederiksborg castle, Hillerod
-Freetown Christiania
-Meatpacking district (nightlife)

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