Wouter Groenink. Photo | Bart van Overbeeke

Wouter Groenink in the Hot Seat

Wouter Groenink's openness makes him an ideal candidate for the Hot Seat. This student of Biomedical Engineering doesn't bat an eyelid at even the most intimate questions. Only the question ‘What is your greatest secret pleasure?’ he considers for a moment before returning to the hat. “I don't think any of my pleasures is really secret. That's exactly what my friends complain about.”

Wouter Groenink is a sixth-year Bachelor's student of Biomedical Engineering, as he admits somewhat shamefacedly. But with two soccer teams, two committees at study association Protagoras and two part-time jobs – including at PSV's Kids Club, where he also regularly dons the mascot suit – he has plenty to do besides studying.

What would you like to become famous for?
“I don't think that I want to be famous for its own sake, but of course you never know what's going to happen. Recently, as the mascot at PSV, I was kicking a ball back and forth with Lozano, so that might have been the start of a career. Or maybe the penny has finally dropped and I'll start doing really well in my studies and I'll discover something amazing. At any rate I would like to become famous for something that helps others in some way. But whether I invent a new artificial kidney or end up becoming the best mascot - either way I'd be doing it for other people.”

Can you easily take a dump in a public toilet?
“I won't put this one back. My friends often tell me that I talk too openly and enthusiastically about my toilet habits, so it seems fitting that this should also make the 'pages' of Cursor. In fact, I can take a dump anywhere and usually several times a day, too. What's more, I once made a sport of visiting a toilet in every TU/e building. And then a piddle doesn't count.”

Which ‘to do’ tops your bucket list?
“A real bucket list, with things like bungee jumping on it, isn't something I have. But the first thing that comes to mind is that I would now finally like to complete my Bachelor's. Where that's concerned I've been a slacker for too long, and I always take on too many other things. I'm doing it again now. My friends are studying again and who's doing an interview with Cursor? I also play on two soccer teams, sit on two committees for Protagoras and have two part-time jobs. I not only work at PSV's Kids Club, but for the past 18 months I've been doing daycare for two boys aged eight and ten. But now I'm making headway. I just got a couple of sevens.”

Are you afraid of death?
“Not at all. I am 24, don't drink too much and play plenty of sport. I have no reason to be worried. But I do think about death, certainly since my grandma died a few weeks ago. It was actually the first time I've experienced death so close at hand; I was fond of her. She hadn't been doing well for years, but even so at the end things went downhill quickly. Fortunately I was able to visit her in the hospice. I am the eldest of my generation, and in fact five of my eight great-grandparents were still living when I was born, three of them were alive long enough for me to remember them. But of course young people die too. I know that all too well from things my mom has said. She directs funeral services.”

When were you last unreasonable and why?
“Just yesterday evening, when Ajax scored a really good goal against Bayern Munich. That annoyed me and it's unjustified because in European matches I wish Ajax only the best. But still, as a PSV fan I was secretly hoping that they would get a goal scored against them, because I just can't stand that big mouth of theirs. They lose spectacularly and are still so convinced they'll be the champions the next time around. And I should know, my own younger brother is an Ajax supporter.”

In our In the Hot Seat feature we let students and employees draw five cards from our top hat full of questions. One question may be swapped. The next interview will appear in three weeks' time.

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