Six buildings TU/e close as ‘mass migration’ continues

Six campus buildings no less will be largely or entirely closed to the TU/e community from February 4th onward. Most users of the Paviljoen, the Laplace building, IPO, Connector, Traverse and the Multimedia Paviljoen now work in Atlas or will be moving there shortly. Who is moving where and when, and what will happen to the vacant buildings? An overview.

The ITEM group at the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences will be relocating as of this week from Connector to Atlas. Connector's Silence Room will move to the basement of Atlas - to room -1.635 to be precise. The staff of Euflex have already moved to Luna.

However, the building will remain 'on standby’ for TU/e, explains Lotte Kester, real estate advisor at Real Estate Management. “If need be, we can use the building when work spaces or teaching rooms are required, for example during the renovation of Gemini. For the rest, a company has its premises in the building and it may stay on there a while longer. We are looking into options for its relocation.”

The staff and students of IE&IS, accommodated until now in the Paviljoen, are moving during the coming weeks, starting this week, to the north side of the upper part of Atlas. Colleagues United, the TU/e's employee association, is continuing its activities in Luna. TU/e will lose its exam rooms in the Pavilion and in particular the Studyhub.

“Exam rooms will soon become available again, in Atlas, and in other places too, but their distribution among the various buildings is still being worked out,” says Kester.  Real Estate Management is currently making the necessary preparations for the demolition of the Paviljoen.  


As of this week the Department of Industrial Design will be taking up residence in Atlas, on the south side of the the upper part of the building. This will leave the Laplace building vacant. In 2020 and 2021 work will be undertaken to turn it into a location with teaching rooms and examination rooms. In April or May the Incident Reporting Center will also relocate to Atlas, after which asbestos abatement activity will start.


Similarly, the users of the IPO building will move to Atlas in the coming weeks, also to the north side of the upper stories. TU/e will continue to own IPO for the next five years. “We may have tenants occupying the building,” says Kester. “This will buy us some time to decide what we want to do with it in the long term. We are working on a plan for the redevelopment of that part of the campus.”


The Multimediapaviljoen (MMP) is and will remain a building for startups. The teaching rooms will go and the Eindhoven Engine will take up residence. “We are looking at whether we'll keep the building or sell it to an external party,” Kester informs us.    


And finally there's Traverse. The Posthumus, Dorgelo and Van Trier rooms will remain open indefinitely. Most of the building's users, namely staff of Personnel and Organization and Real Estate Management, are now working in Atlas. Similarly, the student factions no longer have premises in Traverse and will be moving to Atlas. The building will remain the property of TU/e and may be used to provide temporary accommodation for the users of Gemini.

TU/e recently bought the building H4, formerly owned by Fontys.This will be furnished with study work spaces and teaching rooms and will accommodate the TU/e fire service. It will also be used as temporary accommodation for Gemini. The aim is to have the building operational in the fourth quartile.


Some buildings, such as the Paviljoen and the Laplace building, are still being used as storage facilities. In the coming months Real Estate Management will move the storage items to other locations on the campus.  


Farewell events

In various buildings farewell parties will soon be held. For example on February 6th Lucid, the study association of Industrial Design, is holding the Conduct Festival. This is an annual event, but on this occasion the venue will be the Laplace building and the festival will be larger than usual. Daytime activities for students and employees will include workshops on DJing, beer brewing and origami. In the evening, stages will be erected and a range of bands will perform.

Various people, among them members of the study associations Industria and Intermate (IE&IS), alumni associations and a communication officer, are working to ensure that on February 15th students, employees and alumni can bid farewell to the Paviljoen and IPO. Students and employees will be able to play laser tag in the IPO building in the afternoon. Niets is wat het lijkt (Nothing is what it seems) - a game similar to Wie is de Mol? (Who's the Mole?) - will be played, and in the evening a large party will be held in the Paviljoen and food will be available.

An article about the study associations' new board rooms and bars will be posted shortly on our site.


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