Research in labs has carefully restarted

What must the researchers have felt yesterday, when they first set foot in their familiar labs at TU/e after a long absence? Like cows leaving the stables after a winter to go out into the meadow for the first time? Cursor visited the labs in Helix, Vertigo and Flux yesterday, spoke to PhD candidates and postdocs, and made a video report.

photo Focality Media

Drone images of a virtually deserted Green Strip. In the past, you would think these images were taken during a weekend, but they were in fact taken on Wednesday, May the 6th, when campus slowly started to come back to life again.

The labs were allowed to start granting researchers limited access yesterday. They couldn’t wait to get started again, as dean Emiel Hensen of Chemical Engineering said earlier.

Cursor made a video report, which you’ll find below, of the first activities that took place. It also shows just how hard staff members at Internal Affairs and Real Estate Management had to work to make all this possible.

Video | Focality Media

Reopening of labs @ TU/e

Video | Focality Media

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