Intro 2021 | Entry testing and a good soaking

Day two of Introduction Week was a day full of entry testing, meeting new people and, by no means least, getting a good soaking. The sun came out early on so the drenching wasn't so bad.

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photo Lieke Vermeulen

The campus filled up early in the day as 2100 first-years streamed into their event. The senior students accompanying the Intro participants this week were standing in wait and wasted no time in getting started. Their charges were immediately measured up for a tutu or had a Hawaiian garland draped around their necks. Even the buddies made a dazzling impression: from ballerina to musketeer. 

The first offline day was full of chances to meet fellow students, contests with other groups and a business case organized by the students' degree program. In keeping with tradition, for Built Environment this meant calling in the TU/e fire service. 

A visit to the test center next to the Beursgebouw close to Central Station was also part of the program for most groups (take a look at the video). Necessary because four large parties were held on campus in the evening, organized by the study associations. An entry test was a requirement for joining in.

Graduating during Intro

Nervous first-years were not the only people on the campus Tuesday, senior students were there too and even some recent graduates, like Victor de Bar. "If I ever manage to graduate, I'll do forward rolls all the way home," said Victor some three years ago to his friend and course mate at Mechanical Engineering Rick Raessens. Rick remembered his words - he even wrote them down and had Victor sign them - and when Victor got a 7.5 for his final presentation on Monday the day had come. Victor sewed a yoga mat into his tailcoat and performed forward rolls all the way from Flux to student house Ficus Cratera in the Prins Hendrikstraat. A team of friends accompanied him with music, beer and a cargo bike. Victor had been practicing a forward roll a day, but that was at home, on the couch. Cobbles, sidewalk paving and asphalt are a different kettle of fish.

Keen to know how Victor got on? Watch the short film below.

Meeting fellow students, playing games and getting rather wet. Cursor recorded everything.

Introduction 2021 | Day 2

Meeting fellow students, playing games and getting rather wet. Cursor recorded everything.

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