Student boards and teams thanked for efforts during corona year

That this past year has been made difficult by the corona pandemic is beyond question. TU/e's student boards and student teams know this from experience; keeping your membership base engaged and organizing events under lockdown measures, that's not easy. And so on Friday July 2nd, TU/e paid tribute to its student boards and teams.

At TU/e innovation Space in the Matrix building the red carpet was rolled out Friday afternoon and the student teams were welcomed by Executive Board President Robert-Jan Smits and heaped with praise. “This is a wonderful surprise, it is much more than I was expecting,” says a beaming Boris Muller, internal affairs officer at Serpentine AI. The student is now picking out a gift, a huge cuddly bear under one arm. “I've also been given a goodie bag and a restaurant voucher.”

In Atlas, right across from the Matrix building, the association boards were thanked for all their efforts over the past year. They were also given a red carpet entrance and were spoken to individually. Iris Buntsma of a.k.a. Chicken Little is grinning from ear to ear. “We were given a voucher and were invited to spin the Wheel of Fortune and pick out a gift.” Luuk van Dorst, treasurer at Kinjin, was also overwhelmed by all the attention and the gifts. “I really didn't expect this. On the invitation it said we'd have only fifteen minutes in the building, but they really went to town in that short space of time.”

The students were overwhelmed by the presents and the attention.

Tu/e says thanks to all the student teams and boards

The students were overwhelmed by the presents and the attention.

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