Intro 2022 | “These are the warriors”

The benches around the Fluxveld are more crowded than the dance floor. And there are more people waiting in line to order something from the foodtrucks than from the bar. Nevertheless: there is a friendly atmosphere and apart from fatigue, there’s also a look of pure bliss on people’s faces. It’s Friday, the last day of Intro 2022. Everyone gets together for one final event: the closing party All TU/egether.

All bumper cars are taken and one student uses her landing in the water basin at the end of the assault course to clean her dust-covered pair of shorts. It’s one in the afternoon and the sun is hidden behind a grey blanket of clouds, but the coolness in the air is a welcome relief from the tropical temperatures during the past Intro week. It’s easier to get through the day with a hangover when you don’t feel the heat of a burning sun.

The four major associations, Demos, SSRE, E.S.C and Thêta, have set up their party tents on the Fluxveld to offer those who haven’t made up their minds yet one final chance to register as a new member. SSRE is popular, also among international students, one member says. “Inflow is starting to stabilize somewhat after it reached a peak during the Covid-19 pandemic, when everyone was extremely busy searching for social contacts.”


‘Elck sijn waerom,’ it says on the shield at the E.S.C stand. It’s an old Dutch saying indicating that everyone is welcome to join the association, according to the two members responsible for the registration process. A bit further away, a DJ is doing his best to get his audience to dance, but people are mostly moving their arms as they continue to stand still for now. Is there any chance that this party is really going to get started any time soon? The E.S.C members firmly believe so: “Just wait and see. The ones who are here now, are the true warriors.”

Photographer Lieke Vermeulen photographed those who persevered (click to enlarge):

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