Disorganization. A danger to self and others


For some, a meeting with their study advisor can be all they need to gain a different (good) perspective on the TU/e system. For me, the meeting with my academic advisor was the starting point of looking at it in amazement.

From the second week of Q1, I had doubts whether Industrial Design is the right field for me. And, since ‘freedom’ is maybe the second most-used word around TU/e (after ‘innovation’, of course), I had big hopes that I could switch my track from ID to Innovation Management. I also wanted to see if I could get therapy sessions, since mental health shouldn’t be a taboo subject. On September 18, instead of advice, I got tangled up in the depth of TU/e disorganization.

For the process of switching Masters, my academic advisor (AA) sent me to the Innovation Management academic advisor. The AA at IM sent me to the International Office. International Office said that this is a job for ESA. After a month (two e-mails and two office visits), ESA on my request sent my file to the IM Admission Board. Then on the 24th of October an employee from IO (why IO since they sent me to ESA earlier?) e-mailed me that I had to go through the standard procedure.

I don’t know if the Admission Board would have found me suitable for the IM Master, but I definitely had a chance to switch programs from Q2 and all this Chinese whispers game deprived me from it (5+ weeks is a long waiting-period, especially when it implies the academic track of a student and his money). Nevertheless, I did apply on Studielink and Osiris and now I have to wait up to another six weeks for an answer. Until then, I will just live in confusion, since I haven’t been told if it is mandatory to continue the Industrial Design Pre-Master or not.  

For the student psychologist, it takes at least a month to be able to have a first appointment, unless I am liable to hurt others or myself. A month to be able to see the student psychologist, unless I am prone to hurt others or myself? This is a bit radical for an international student who just moved in The Netherlands, who doesn’t know many things about the Dutch health care system. How should I know what I am about to do next?

Maybe I just wanted to talk to someone, but this sentence just gave me the idea to hurt myself (or others). What if I had a manic episode in that month and I was feeling that I could fly and just jump out of a building? It might be just me, but isn’t it easier to prevent than to treat? Giving an extreme situation, what if there will be nothing to be treated anymore?

Conclusion. For me, the saying ‘What you don't know can't hurt you’ can be adapted to TU/e in ‘It takes 7+ weeks to know something and it can hurt you’.

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