Gotta Catch’em All


When Game Freak and Nintendo initially released Pokémon all those years ago, the idea and the principle of the game remained simple: there were 151 to catch and that was all. Now there are 807 of them, but since some people have developed the skill to remember them all (I really don’t know why), I guess that it remains a manageable number, even if the originality of the name and concept of each Pokémon has decreased.

In the game, however, you only have 6 ‘slots’ to carry these creatures with you. The rest of your catches are sent to a Pokémon bank, and unless they are really cool or possess some special ability, they stay there soon to be forgotten. People do have a potential for social circles larger than 6 people, but hey, there are 7 billion poke-peoples to catch. Maybe not all of them are so colorful or special, but there’s definitely more than enough to choose from.

How do you select your friends?

So how do you choose the right ones to fill in the o’ so precious spots in your life? Do you select friends based on their cuteness, their special traits or even how they complement each other’s abilities? Well, the way or reason you chose these people matters little, but a choice does have to be made. If you don’t, then the poke-peoples you capture but do not constantly keep in your slots, won’t level up with you and will be of no use when you face the next gym leader.

So maybe instead of catching all of the poke-people we come across, it might be smarter to still leave some of them in the wild. After all, occasional encounters with ‘wild’ Pokémon can also be quite pleasant.

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