The Great TU/e Bakeoff


Some of you probably clicked this link in hope of finding a cooking competition on campus, which I agree would be awesome (if someone wants to start it I have a couple of ideas) but this is not the topic of this column: instead I’m going to talk about baking your very own diploma!

Follow these steps carefully:

•             Add some of your Major Courses to the pot.

•             Sprinkle with the specialization of your choice.

•             Wait patiently for a year to check if it has formed a Propedeuse.

•             If so proceed, otherwise start again somewhere else.

•             In a separate bowl, add 1 carefully chosen technical package, 1 normal package and 1 USE learning line of your choice. Mix them carefully.

•             Gently add the package mixture to the Propedeuse and mix it in so that the result becomes a fluffy mixture.

•             Pour the rest of the Major Courses on top of the mixture and bake for a year and a half.

•             Now for the finishing touches, spread the BEP crème on top of the cooked dish.

If you followed all of these steps to the letter, you have an Albert Heijn basic bachelor’s degree, a solid well shaped cake that fits all the proportions, sweetness and color requirements to be sold on a shelf. The question though, is do you really enjoy this cake? Maybe now, but in 20 years?

In 10 years your cake will start to feel stale and the same because it doesn’t really stand out from all the tastiness available to the world out there. Maybe you want some ‘slagroom’ (whipped cream), or some jam, maybe even say a cherry… You know, the things that will really give it that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that will allow you to know more than the basic flavors of your study.

So next time you go shopping to make a cake, do buy more than the basic courses and your packages. Do go to the exotic section and buy some student job seeds to give some extra crunch to your dough, do buy some student team spices to extract the maximum flavor from your crème and do buy some committee or board year cherries to finish off the setup.

If you follow these additional ‘à la carte’ tips, I can guarantee that when it comes time to sell your cake at the Career Expo, it’ll be gone in instants!

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