The very last party ever was held in Paviljoen and IPO building on Friday February 15. Video | Fabian Lucas Luijckx. Lees hier het artikel

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Cursor visits a student house every month. This time we enter the Beaufort residence in hipster neighborhood Strijp-S. Video | Mathias Verheijden. Lees hier het artikel

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After the service departments, two faculties of Eindhoven University of Technology have now moved into Atlas as well. The building can also be accessed again ... Lees hier het artikel

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After four years in Laplace, the Department of Industrial Design has moved back to Atlas. But not without two (!) farewell parties that Lucid threw. Video | Fabian ... Lees hier het artikel

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Lehmer's Dance was performed at the National Mathematics Days 2019. Video | Collin Wagenmakers (music adjusted) Lees hier het artikel

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On December 18th 2018 Eindhoven study association GEWIS organized a lunch lecture about sleeping effectively and getting the day off to a good start. Lees hier het artikel

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On Monday January 7th 2019, employees of the eight services of Eindhoven University of Technology moved into the completely renovated Atlas building on ... Lees hier het artikel

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Every month Cursor visits a student house. Who lives there, what do they do there, what traditions do they have, and what do they talk about? This time we are ...

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Second TU/e Christmas Market at Eindhoven University of Technology. Video by Fabian Lucas Luijckx for Cursor (cursor.tue.nl). Lees hier het artikel

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Is the standpoint of Groep-één really any different from that of the Eindhoven Student Council when it comes to study stress? Or does the position held by DAS ...

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