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A shiny catwalk, the spotlights on you, stands full of spectators, a somewhat uncomfortable robe around your body and a mortarboard balancing on your head. Lees hier het artikel

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Downtown Eindhoven was immersed in a Mediterranean atmosphere during the annual Tuna festival. Twelve groups from both here and abroad, together with ...

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The first units of a new student housing project near the Berenkuil, have been placed today. It will eventually house some 200 international TU/e students and ...

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The very last day of the introweek has arrived. Sad but true. Thank god we still have the pictures and video to look back on it. Camera: Collin Wagenmakers. Lees hier het artikel

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You've nearly made it: only one more day to go and than the Intro 2019 is at it's end. But hey, luckily we still have the (moving) pictures, a.k.a. video recap that ...

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The third day - not only infamous among the participants of the Four Days Marches Nijmegen, but also among participants of the Introduction Week at Eindhoven ... Lees hier het artikel

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A video-recap of the second day of the TU/e Intro 2019, shot by Collin Wagenmakers and edited by Alain Heeren. Lees hier het artikel

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Intro 2019 | Rondcrossen op een kappersstoel en een bierkratje. Lees hier het artikel

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