SSRE moving to listed building in city center

Student society SSRE hopes to open their new home at Vestdijk 22 within the year. They made a bid recently, and according to SSRE president Han Raaijmakers it has been accepted. He states the purchase involves approximately one million euros.

Raaijmakers also said his society has been building up wealth since authorities announced everyone had to leave the Bunker and search for a new place. TU/e will also chip in, and will do so for the other two social clubs – E.S.C. and Demos – as well. Finally, SSRE will be collecting donations from members and alumni.

Pictures on housing website show the building is in great shape, and Raaijmakers confirms not much has to be changed as far as meeting rooms and office space is concerned. There will be a bar on the ground floor, but it won't be freely accessible to the public like the bar at E.S.C. They have not yet applied for a permit, however.

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