Deadline for SSRE, club seeks temporary premises

SSRE has until October 1st at the latest to vacate the Bunker and is making every effort to find temporary accommodation. A series of setbacks, say students, means the renovation of the club's new premises is still not yet on the cards. Nonetheless, SSRE still hopes to move into its villa on Vestdijk before the summer.

Nearly two years since the purchase, the renovation of SSRE’s new villa on Vestdijk still hasn't gotten underway. As to what exactly has gone wrong over the past two years, causing the project to run into repeated delays, is something the new board members - like their predecessors - aren't going into detail about.

“Actually it was simply that every step proved more trouble than we'd anticipated and time and again there turned out to be more work than we'd hoped. And because that leaves you wanting to investigate everything thoroughly, you can't get on with the next step,” says Daan Hommersom, SSRE's new Housing Commissioner.

TU/e announces by way of spokesperson Ivo Jongsma that it “sincerely hopes the association succeeds in finding temporary accommodation.” The university supports SSRE in several ways, he says, financially, for example by buying the monumental villa on the Vestdijk and by scrapping the rent for the Bunker at an earlier date, as well as being lenient about its current premises.

“On six occasions since 2015 we have given SSRE a postponement of their final moving date. But in a couple of months' time ownership of the Bunker transfers to the property developer and then the building must be empty.”

The cultural associations currently still housed in the middle portion of the building will move at the end of September to Luna on the TU/e site; “SSRE will be the last one”.

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