And how are things in Berkeley?

Hi everyone! The past semester I have been studying at the University of California in Berkeley, and it was, in one word, awesome! The university is inspiring, California is laid back and nice and warm, the road trips were fun, my fellow students were open and helpful, and most importantly: my housemates were fantastic!

During my stay in Berkeley I stayed at the International House (iHouse). The reason I’m pointing this outis because my housemates turned out to be the most fun aspect of my exchange. Everyone I’ve met in the iHouse was special in some way (well, almost everyone). Whether it was a passion, an achievement, or an ambition that characterized their stories, I made some of my best memories with my housemates during one of the many lunches and dinners, just speaking with them.

In addition, the iHouse was convenient to meet up with likeminded people and organize all kinds of road trips. Everyone in the iHouse was approachable. Lastly, the iHouse was also just very convenient, because let’s be honest, during your exchange you don’t want to think about cooking and other domestic chores too much. If you are considering Berkeley and would like to have an unforgettable experience during your exchange, then I strongly recommend you stay in the iHouse, despite some apparent downsides (rent, especially).

I can tell you a lot more about everything I’ve done in Berkeley and my trip from the west coast to the east coast after that. Should you be interested in an exchange to Berkeley and would you like to know more about it, feel free to contact me anytime.

All the best!

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