CLMN | Life on Campus


“You‘re late ‘even though’ you live at university”, they say. Me: “I ’m late ‘because’ I live at uni”. It’s almost time for lecture but I am still in my bed. The buildings with the lecture halls are all visible from my studio’s window. I tell myself that I am almost there, and then fall asleep again. After all, all we need is ‘a few more minutes’. Thank you, snooze .

Living on campus doesn’t simply mean that you get immune to being late by avoiding biking or travelling. Indeed, living on campus is much more to a student than that. All your classes, buildings, on-campus facilities, the sports centre – it’s all on your very doorstep.

Still, few things are known to campus residents only. Not having to share the loo and kitchen is sheer luxury. You can always go home for a quick meal or a nap. Socializing is commonplace, too. Living on campus means having a temporary, convenient storage place for friends’ stuff. Ironically, I never imagined eating, sleeping, and doing my laundry at uni this often. And then I haven’t even mentioned all the chores that come with living in campus.

Shortly, and thankfully, we won’t be the only ones enjoying the luxury of campus life. Two new residential towers will be open to students soon. One is Potentiaal and the other will be located at Dommel River. University is bearing in mind there are students on a budget, so Dutch students have a chance to get a home on campus as well, making campus life more diverse. And students don’t mind shared facilities, either.

Living on campus is a delightful experience, and they’re all about collecting cherished memories. Talking to several former residents, I unveiled an interesting fact. It’s only the legs that walk away from this place, the heart never does!

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