CLMN | To the newbies


As an international student, it was great to see my family and friends again during summer. Seeing them was great, but leaving was a bummer. Caution: Saying goodbye can get you teary-eyed and give you a throat-ache without having any allergies. But it’s refreshing to see so many freshmen around again. That brings back memories.

I was in the same freshman situation a couple of years ago. I wish I knew a few things before I first arrived in Eindhoven. The Dutch weather swings like the mood of a pregnant woman. So keep track of the weather forecast.

There are a number of Facebook groups that might come in handy. Prominent ones include ISN Eindhoven, Commodity Market Eindhoven, Eindhoven Housing, and Find a room(mate) or house in Eindhoven - kamer(s) in Eindhoven. These groups offer anything from rooms to bike(locks) there. Alternatively, you can always try and

If you want to know what store is open when, check their opening times here: Some (cheap) supermarkets like LIDL and Albert Heijn distribute weekly discount folders.

You’ll find a number of cheap fast food restaurants in Eindhoven as well. Some may find ’Mangiare’ in the city center or ‘Hizmet’ at Kruisstraat to be more to their liking.

But remember what you are here for. After all, it is easier to keep up than to catch up. Don’t pile up things like ‘From Honeymoon to exam’. Trust me, you will get used to everything soon. Everything, so that includes the weather, biking, bizarre bike lanes, Dutch thriftiness, directness, locking your bike, putting your gadgets away, and sinks with only cold water. Good luck!

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