CLMN | Trying to fit in


Ironically, ‘students’ are accustomed to studying till they’re so hungry they could eat a horse. Students attending the best universities in the world definitely are. And their efforts pay off. Students of BEI just reached another milestone. They featured on 9GAG with a post amassing around 600,000 likes. The praiseworthy post showed a picture of a toaster substituting a laptop during a lecture in the Auditorium (see below).

TU/e is where innovation starts. Indeed, Mens Agitat Molem. The mind brings matter into motion. That enables us to beat Apple and Bitcoin at the Tech Oscars, for example. Courtesy Stella, the world’s first ever solar-powered family car.

By the way, working on an empty-ish stomach has other advantages. In accord with science, it enhances reasoning and hence wisdom. You are less prone to drowsiness when hungry.

It is not just the students who are used to working feeling hunrgy. After talking to a lot of people, I must acknowledge that the same goes for PhD candidates and employeesI think it’s the great pride we take in our hard work is what keeps us going.

Now, did the toaster fit in successfully? No, it was actually extremely noticeable. The inside story is that the professor even acknowledged it as a nice idea. It was a life hack fail though. Try at your own risk. Anyway, feel free to join us very smart EE students anytime.

PS. Thanks to 9GAG who posted this photo on their Facebook page at my request, so I could share it with you and reference it in my column.

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