Travel, travel, travel!


I figured it would have an added effect if said multiple times. A large portion of the demography of Eindhoven consists of international students, most of whom have come to the Netherlands for the first time to study, myself included. However, we often forget that we are in an entirely new country, hence we should also explore and see what this country has to offer.

A handful of my friends choose to simply go back home as soon as an opportunity arises, i.e. the carnival break which just passed, instead of exploring the country and visiting new cities. Personally, I just hope to see as much of the Netherlands as possible before I finish my study.

Consequently, I visited four major cities during the carnival break, two of which I haven’t seen before. I visited The Hague, Rotterdam, Groningen, and Leeuwarden. Each of these cities had a distinct feel to them. In Rotterdam and The Hague, I felt more of a rushed life since they are relatively bigger cities. However, in Groningen and Leeuwarden, I felt more relaxed and simply roamed around and visited museums.

Naturally, travelling might not be the best idea considering the issues with the coronavirus that the Netherlands is facing, but when this issue dies down, I would definitely recommend it. As for me, this issue won’t hold me back from travelling occasionally. I would simply avoid peak hours, to minimize the chances of being in large crowds, and walk with hand sanitizer.

Hopefully this persuades the bulk of you to visit different cities, see what the country has to offer, and enjoy your time in the Netherlands!

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