What’s the rush?


Everyone in university is in such a rush to be done, that we often forget certain, more important, aspects about life. A degree in four years is still a degree, so why’s everyone killing themselves to finish in three years?

During the second quartile, I took it upon myself that I wanted to finish in three years, so I took up an extra course on top of the three courses for this year. However, one of my courses for this year took up three timeslots, and ultimately that led to my schedule being supersaturated. Having hardly seen the sun for the majority of the quartile, it was a good thing that the Christmas holidays were in this timeframe or else it would’ve taken a huge toll on my mental health.

Essentially, that’s why I chose to do a reduced number of courses for this upcoming quartile to take a break from this hectic schedule. Especially considering there is no long break during this quartile wherein I can have some time away from a routine life.

Naturally, I would prefer to finish in three years, but if that requires sacrificing my own mental health, then its just not worth it. I’ve come to put my own health above this “timeline” that society forces onto us.

Different societies enforce different timelines of course, but for me I’m “supposed to” be done with university by 25, married by 28, and have a house by 30. It’s just unrealistic for me to develop as a person, as well as stick to this “timeline”. If I were to focus all my energy into school right now, and stick to said goal, I would be a dull person. Since I’d be so focused, my ability to do things outside of curriculum would be reduced due to the time I would spend in school, and doing schoolwork.

Personally, I care more about who I am as a person than about what society sees and expects from me. I would rather be someone who helps others and is overall a more well-balanced individual than to be stuck moving towards what society forces me to move towards.

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