T'is the season


After a hectic few weeks, we finally have a break! Two weeks of travelling and visiting family for most, but two weeks of sleeping in and catching up on work for me.

Essentially, Christmas is a festive time, where I would ideally be with my family reminiscing on our memories together and making new ones. However, this year won’t be the same, since ‘home’ is so far away. I’ve been spending the past few days looking at pictures from back home, and I miss it so much! Since it’s the first time I’m spending Christmas this far from home, I don’t know what to do with this feeling, and I’m certain many other students are in the same boat.

The student associations at the university notice that at this time, lots of students go home, but a lot don’t - leaving the students who are still here all alone during the most festive time of year. So a few student associations came together and made an event that makes the students who stay in Eindhoven feel more at home. Getting rid of the feeling of loneliness that resides in most of these students. This is the bulk of why I love TU Eindhoven, the student associations.

Naturally, nothing can replace time with family, so here’s a poem I wrote about how I felt to not going home for Christmas:

T’is the season (or is it?)

T’is the season to be jolly,
Christmas time is here,
T’is the season to be with family,
So what am I still doing here?

I miss the dad jokes,
Hearing an unfunny pun,
Giving disapproved looks,
And saying a better one.

I miss my mom’s cooking,
And stealing an extra piece,
When she’s not looking,
It was always a Christmas feast!

Overall, I just miss home,
I can go around Europe and roam,
But there’s no place I’d rather be,
Than at home with my family.

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