300,000 euros for free parking area

The Executive Board wants to convert the MMS terrain at Celebeslaan to a parking lot, so staff may park close to campus for free. The project will cost 300,000 euros. The University Council is in favor of the idea, and has resigned to the fact that staff will have to pay two euros daily to park on campus starting from 2015. Still, the council also provided the board with ‘unsolicited advice’ by urging them to further investigate certain aspects of the plan.

The MMS grounds (pictured) will be converted to a parking lot this year. It will be paved, and equipped with a boom barrier, lighting, CCTV, and bicycle parking. The new parking lot will have a little under two hundred extra parking spaces, located at a ten-minute walk from campus. It’s meant for TU/e staff only, who can park for free. The terrain is property of the university, and won’t be sold before January 2019 anyway. The city is now checking the safety of the route from the parking lot to campus. The previous plan to realize parking garages on campus has been cancelled.

The University Council appreciates that the Executive Board has considered other ideas, but still expressly advises the board to think about several aspects concerning the mobility policy. The council wants the board to determine what vehicles will be charged for parking. They also want to know whether there will be days when staff can park for free, and if there will be any incentives to stimulate alternatives for the car.

The measure where TU/e staff will have to pay two euros to park is supposed to be implemented in January of 2015. People using a disabled parking space are exempt from the new rule. The way things look now, every TU/e staff member will be granted twelve free parking days.

Walking from the MMS terrain to our campus.

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