CLMN | 3TU + 1


3TU is a collaboration of three technical universities. It includes TU Delft, University of Twente, and of course TU/e. At last New Year's reception it was announced that the fourth uni (Wageningen University) is on the verge of joining 3TU, as a result of which the name would change to 4TU. But how would the inclusion of Wageningen University turn ‘3TU’ into ‘4TU’?

There’s no doubt that including Wageningen University has multiple advantages. Previously, withdrawal of one of the three TUs would have led to the immediate dissolution of the 3TU foundation, for example. That won’t happen any more. Cooperation and collaboration would then be here to stay, both in education and research.

An extra player within the federation will result in education and research of the absolute highest level in Europe. 4TU will be able to train excellently-skilled people, and strengthen the Dutch knowledge economy, all without compromising the identity of any of the four universities. The individual universities will maintain their own identities and responsibilities in the areas of education and research.

However, the potential addition of Wageningen University should not change the foundation’s name 3TU to ‘4TU’. After all, in case you hadn’t noticed, Wageningen University is not a technical university (TU). They could go for ‘4U’ or something. I think we’re a little obsessed with the term ‘TU’.

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