Rianne van Eerd.

UR | It’s not a game!


In a recent meeting between members of the Faculty Councils and the University Council the regulations of the Bachelor College were discussed. At the end, some people were skeptical about whether the questions and remarks would be taken into account by the Executive Board. “Does the University Council really have an influence on the strategy and policy of the Executive Board?”

I think the answer is ‘yes’, but we cannot simply discard all plans and ideas of the Board. Instead, we need good arguments to make them change their minds. This means we have to know all the relevant information. Sometimes the expertise can be found within our own group, but most of the time we need to ask our colleagues, like we did for the regulations of the Bachelor College. With good arguments we are well-prepared for a good discussion and we may find suitable alternatives.

Furthermore, I think employee participation is not a political game. Recently, the University Council gained extended rights to several policy documents and reorganizations. I think this can be seen as a compliment: it’s a sign that we are taken seriously by the Board.

Two years ago I used the slogan ‘Weet wat er speelt, het is geen spelletje’, meaning ‘know what’s going on, it’s not a game’. I think this is still true. 

We are looking for candidates for the personnel group of the University Council. The next term of office starts on the 1st of January, 2016. The period of nomination is in October 2015. This means there’s still time to explore your interests and options. Interested? All current members are willing to share their experiences with you.

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