Salma Abdelsamie

I am a BSc student at the AUDE department of TU/e and I like to focus my concepts for urbanism/architecture on sustainable development and the future of cities given the climate crisis.

I am also on the 9th board of COSMOS (the International Student Association of the TU/e) serving as Secretary for the upcoming year.

When I am not in Eindhoven, I’m in the heart of Cairo, the city that truly never sleeps. My favorite place to be is by the beach back home, there I truly feel at ease.

I also keep myself updated on global politics and of course, the situation back home. I am a huge ‘dog lady’; plants, dogs, and *sometimes* cats.

I really enjoy reading books of different genres although I admit it has been tough to keep up because of all the school work!

I travelled to many countries around the world, in 4/7 continents (slowly getting there), and perhaps it is cliché, but I like to document those trips and moments with my photography. I find it beautiful that you can hold time/memories still in a frame, forever.

For Cursor, I look forward to writing about any and all topics! I am someone who can be inspired or interested in a lot of topics all at once so, a bit here and there. Anything in between astrophysics and meme-culture is on the table.

Salma Abdelsamie


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