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UR | Focus on the study advisor


Have you ever asked yourself whether your study advisor is functioning well? Are you really able to evaluate the advice that he or she is giving you? Do you feel like there is enough support for your course selection, study direction or master selection? The ESR believes that a good evaluation of your study advice is essential.

Just a month ago the Eindhovense Studentenraad (ESR) started a Focus Group. In this group students can give their opinion on subjects recently discussed in the University Council or they can provide us with issues they think are important for students. During the first meeting of the Focus Group several students drew our attention to the subject of the availability and evaluation of study advisors.

Teachers and teaching assistants are evaluated every quartile on their performance by students through questionnaires. However there is no university wide evaluation of study advisors. A few departments have a single evaluation moment, but this might be too limited.

Study advisors have many important tasks, varying from providing information and giving feedback on your personal study program to supporting students with special circumstances. They can have a massive influence on the development of students and the progress of their studies!

The importance of study advisors has further increased with the implementation of the Bachelor College and Graduate School. The wide variety of available courses, study directions and switching possibilities between majors can make it very difficult for students to make a decision.

These changes require a broader knowledge and a more university wide approach from the study advisors. Furthermore, it can be expected that the amount of students requiring the help of advisors has increased.

The ESR is very curious about your experiences with your study advisor. As University Council members we represent you in every possible way and we find it important to know what you think about this subject.

To learn more about your opinion on this we would like you to fill out our questionnaire. It's completely anonymous and with the outcome we will bring this subject to the attention of the university commissions, deans and/or board!

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